Speak For The Trees carries the certification logo of the Forest Stewardship
Council (FSC). The FSC is an international certification and labeling system
for products that come from responsibly managed forests and verified
recycled sources. Under FSC certification, forests are certified against a set
of strict standards, and fiber from these forests is tracked to the consumer
through the “chain-of-custody” certification system. This means that all
links in the chain—from forests, pulp providers, and mills to printing
presses—must have certification for a product to carry the fsc logo. The
purchase of fsc-certified paper and printed products contributes to conservation,
responsible management, and community-level benefits for people
who live near the forests that provide the paper.

Speak For The Trees was printed in China by Artron Color Printing, using
soy-based inks on 157 gsm Korean Moorim FSC-certified, acid-free matte art
paper. Soy-based inks are more environmentally friendly than traditional
petroleum-based ink.