January 07, 2010

Friesen Seattle CELEBRATES Speak For The Trees

From Sun Valley to Seattle – This extraordinary body of work continues to evoke and inspire.

Friesen Gallery / Seattle, Washington
Opening Reception: 01 April 2010 / 5:00 – 8:00 pm
Exhibition: 01 April 2010 – 31 May 2010

Speak For The Trees / The Exhibition – opens at Friesen Gallery Seattle on 01 April 2010. Paintings, sculpture, photography, glass and conceptual art featured in the publication will be exhibited. Works created exclusively for this event by the renowned Speak For The Trees artists will also be showcased. A number of the featured artists will be in attendance.

“Green – the word of the year for people concerned about the quality of their
lives and their families for generations to come, finds no comparable
spokesperson than in the book and exhibition, “Speak for the Trees,” which
opened in Seattle on April 1. Group exhibitions are problematic, at best,
with diverse mediums, process and stylistic concerns, not to mention the
varied degrees of career attainment in the represented artists, but Friesen
Gallery has mounted an exquisite exhibition of over 70 artists that have
contributed pieces for this timely exhibition. The work speaks not only
“for” the the trees, but of, about, around, under, and inside the trees. The
assembled artists dive directly to the heart of the matter – the essence of
trees – and what they have meant to humans since we began considering them,
let alone how important we now know they are to a healthy planet. The work
in the exhibition is not only relevant and pertinent, it is also universal
in its theme and content. The conceptual premise is strong and concise but
the divergent tracts each artist takes is indicative of the infinite variety
of how these artists, and humans in general, perceive trees and consider
their significance and impact on our lives.
If you are in Seattle do not miss it…
if you want an excuse to visit an incredible city, this is it.”

-Lawrence Fodor, artist in “Speak for the Trees”

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